Polaroid I type Film

Spectrum Edition:
  • Express Yourself - The Spectrum Edition celebrates the individual nature of every exposure and a rainbow of possibilities, visualized in a distinctive technicolor design. This limited edition instant film frames inspired by Polaroid’s iconic brand identity
  • Light It Up - Polaroid Instant Film loves light. The more light in your shot, the better your photo will turn out. Always shoot in bright light or use the camera flash
  • Develop - All photos appear blank at first. Photos develop within 15 minutes. Shield photos from the light and place them face down as they develop
  • Create - Every photo you create is rich textured and unique. Unpredictable, imperfect, and impossible to reproduce

B & W Film:

Modern film made for modern instant cameras. 8 instant photos to paint your moment with dramatic shadows and soft highlights. This black and white i-Type film is compatible with the OneStep 2, OneStep+, the Polaroid Now, and the Polaroid Lab. It's battery-free so it won't work for vintage cameras, but it will work for your budget.

Inside Polaroid i-Type Film
A new generation of instant film made for our i-Type cameras. The original Polaroid format you love minus the battery, so it's a little friendlier on the bank account too. Compatible with your Polaroid Now, Lab, or new OneStep camera.

The original format
8 instant photographs in that original Polaroid square format and finished in a white frame.

Battery-free film
Our i-Type cameras come with a rechargeable battery, so unlike our 600 film, this film doesn't include a battery.

Develops in 5-10 minutes
Watch one of the most complex chemical processes in the world bring your moment to life.

Made with pride in the Netherlands
All film is made in Enschede: the last Polaroid film factory in the world.



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