Leandro Erlich Poster: Swimming Pool, 1997

Leandro Erlich, Swimming Pool, 1999. Installation view: 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan, 2004. Photo: Noriko Inomoto. 

Swimming Pool was first created at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, as part of the CORE program, then exhibited, as Avgentinas entry for the 491% Venice Biennale. It was shown in 2008 at MoNIA PSI in Long island city, Queens, and installed permanently at both the 2151 Century Museum об Contem Ан1, Капахаша, Japan, and, later, at the Museum Voorlinden in the Netherlands.

"Swimming Pool offers a narrative element that I really enjoy in my work, and that is the multifaceted moment when the viewer becomes- all at the same time- an active participant, interpreter, and a viewer (or witness) of the roles others play. These roles shift during different moments and they each confer different experiences. The photographs of Swimming Pool have become independent inventive expressions and they reveal both spontaneous reactions and carefully curated moments. I created this piece before the advent of smartphones with cameras and social media, and they have clearly amplified its reception." -Leandro Erlich

Poster Size 18 x 24

Printed locally in South Florida

Ships in Poster tube

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