Calm Seas Necklace by COG

-Organic cotton 

-Two 1-inch natural beads 

-2mm round-cut natural leather 

-Handmade in New York by Jen Cogliantry.

About the Designer

CŌG merges artistic disciplines with sustainable materials to create an evolving line of nature-inspired, fiber-based jewelry and objects for humans and the home. Jen Cogliantry is the designer behind CŌG. Her evolving collections of faceted rings, dimensional necklaces, statement earrings, and textural bracelets as well as her sculptural wall pieces evoke a sense of quiet endurance. All pieces are made to order from her studio in Brooklyn.

Her love of textile design, adornment, and fascination with the work of fiber artists Sheila Hicks and sculptor Eva Hesse inspired her to launch COG in 2018.

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