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Minimalist Tumble Candle

Minimalist Tumble Candle

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By Buena Vista Candle Co. Founded by Jeannine Escobar in 2016 in Miami, FL

  • Blanche merges the bright citrus notes deeply inspired by the Sicilian coastline with a distinctly woodsy aroma. Envision a sudden breeze traveling through a lemon tree orchard in Sicily, producing a zesty and refreshing aroma only to be deepened by the earthy notes of grounding sandalwood.
  • Mediterranean fig and frankincense marry beautifully in this signature scent. Figment animates the imagination with spicy hints of ginger and rose pepper, inducing feelings of comfort while producing a subtle warming aroma for any mood.
  • An opulent dusk-inspired aroma comprised of French lavender and dark sea salt, Lavnoir is an ode to life's richest moments. Capturing the oceanic scent of sand during the light-waning hours, deep florals gather to form a relaxing blend perfect for winding down, meditation, or a serene evening with loved ones.  Comprised of US-grown and harvested soy vegetable wax (for a safe and sustainable alternative to chemically mass-produced wax), each candle is made with a cotton wick, essential oils, and flower essences. No toxic additives ever.
  • 12 oz hand-poured soy candle infused with flower essences
  • Net Wt: 10 oz.
  • Approximately 75+ hour burn time
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