Shtetl in the Sun: Andy Sweet's South Beach 1977-1980

Forget the jokes about the late '70s South Beach being Yiddish-speaking section of "God's Waiting Room"; yes, upward of 20,000 elderly Jews made up nearly half of its population in those days––all crammed into an area of barely two square miles like a modern-day shtetl. But these New York transplants and Holocaust survivors all still had plenty of living, laughing and loving to do, as strikingly portrayed in Shtetl in the Sun, which features previously unseen photographs documenting South Beach's once-thriving and now now-vanished Jewish community––a project that American photographer Andy Sweet (1953-82) began in 1977 after receiving his MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a driving passion until his tragic death. Sweet's photos captures this community's daily rhythms in all their beach-strolling, klezmer-dancing glory.

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