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Animambo Hand Drum

Animambo Hand Drum

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This is a beautifully decorated Hand Drum crafted with engaging artwork designed by famous French artist Magali Antiogbe. Animambo hand drum is part of Djeco's Animambo Musical Instrument range and makes a lovely addition to any musical ensemble. The Hand Drum comes with a neck strap, so your child can play music wherever he/she goes. Included is a solid wood base, neck strap, 2 drumsticks and 2 downloadable songs to learn and play from publisher, Putumayo Kids.

  • Helps develop motor skills, dexterity, coordination, listening and timing, rhythm, sequencing, creativity and imagination.
  • All DJECO products are made from the highest quality materials, all are completely non-toxic and meet and exceed all US and European testing standards.
  • An excellent gift for kids 2+ years.
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