Artist Bingo: A Game of Icons

This bingo game is a trip to the museum from the comfort of your own home.
Celebrate modern history’s greatest and most beloved artists through the most cultured game known to humanity: Bingo!
Here you’ll find the world’s best painters, sculptors, performance artists, and photographers assembled together – in a handy game box! From Banksy to Basquiat, Haring to Hockney, and Yayoi to Yoko, Artist Bingo is the perfect chance to see your favorites and discover lesser-known artistic geniuses along the way. Bingo has never been more high-brow!
With 8 doubled-sided randomized bingo cards and 48 tokens with art-centric flavor, this game can keep you and your friends playing all night long. (This box set includes more detailed instructions on how to play.)

Niki Fisher is a graphic designer living in Australia. 

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