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Can I Recycle This?

Can I Recycle This?

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A Kid's Guide to Better Recycling and How to Reduce Single-Use PlasticsThis book skips over preaching and platitudes common to books on environmentalism and instead gets right to the real information that kids need.
It takes readers through every step of the recycling process, from the moment that they throw an item in the bin to its journey through the recycling machinery and on its way to its new life. It gives kids the answers and resources they need to be far better informed than their parents, many of whom were raised on the un-nuanced and often inaccurate "recycling solves everything" mantra. It shows how sorting concepts that kids already know and practice can be applied to waste. And it empowers even early elementary school children to make smarter choices about consumption and disposal, using ideas and examples that they can understand.


  • 40 Pages 
  • 8.38" x 0.34" x 9.38"
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