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Candle Stack by Stan Editions

Candle Stack by Stan Editions

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CANDL STACKS is the result of the search for a new way to use candles. Inspired by the increasing supply of sculpted candles, the team behind Stan Editions developed their own candle sculpture in 2020. This is a tower of candles that can be stacked, dismantled, burned up, and rebuilt in endless ways. Stan Editions, founded by 28-year-old Belgian entrepreneur Stan Verstraete, is a young design brand in which Stan develops refreshing new products, sometimes in cooperation with other interesting designers and creatives. 


  • Total (stacked modules) H: 8.7" x W: 3.9"
  • Time: (complete set) 110 hours 

Stack 04 Individual Specifications:

  1. Candle 11002: H: 2.3"x W: 2.7" Burn time: ~24 hours
  2. Holder 11009: (Holder no wick) H: 1.8" x W: 3.9" 
  3. Candle 11002:  H: 2.3"x W: 2.7" Burn time: ~24 hours
  4. Candle 11010: H: 2.3" x W: 3.9" Burn time: ~60 hours
  • Materials: Odorless Paraffin Wax
  • Package Weight: 2.4 lb
  • Designed in: Belgium
  • Made in: Poland

Safety / Care Instructions: 

  • Never leave a candle unattended
  • Keep wick trimmed to 0.20"
  • Always leave at least 8" between other candles in proximity
  • Never place candles near heat sources
  • Always place candles on heat resistant-surface
  • Always keep candles away from flammable objects and material
  • Always keep candles out of reach of children and pets
  • When burning the candle it is recommended to remove the stickers
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