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Cindy Sherman Oops Pool Phone Float

Cindy Sherman Oops Pool Phone Float

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Cindy Sherman Oops Phone Float by Cindy Sherman, + POOL is a metallic silver inflatable that can be used as an impromptu art installation or as a pool float. Sherman is known for her portrait-based photography but she also loves to swim. The selfie featured on the front was created when two different images were combined accidentally in the artist's phone.

The float was done in collaboration with Sherman and + POOL, a New York-based non-profit that is building a water-filtering swimming pool in the Hudson and other rivers in New York. 

  • Open edition
  • 35 x 66 x 6 inches
  • Silk-screened inflatable with metallic silver backing
  • PVC drawstring bag includes artist's quote "I'd rather be swimming"
  • A portion of all sales will be donated to + POOL
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