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Pamela Coromoto

Fiction Necklace: Black/Red/Magenta

Fiction Necklace: Black/Red/Magenta

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Designer Marianne Villalobos and the team dedicated countless hours to designing details and joints within this statement piece. Being versatile and recognizable, it brings you numerous applications that will make your entire figure emerge into art in making. Finally, its magnetic details and finest finishes are what differentiate this exotic necklace from any expected forms.

Abstract, revolutionary, and playful, Fiction Necklace is pure magic. Its sculptural and vibrant silhouettes, will underline your individuality and make a statement while giving you a sensational and sophisticated flair with contemporary accents.

Play with the endless possibilities of this wearable art piece and dress to make a statement.

Ethically made, mostly of recycled PMMA, drafted and produced with digital fabrication technologies and crafted in-house, in our small studio in Belgrade.


  • Brand: Pamela Coromoto
  • Designer: Venezuelan architect Marianne Villalobos
  • Designed and ethically made in Serbia
  • Made of high-quality cast acrylic and a magnetic closing system.
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