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Migros Museum

Geoffrey Farmer : Let's Make the Water Turn Black

Geoffrey Farmer : Let's Make the Water Turn Black

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Farmer (b.1967) is best known for his work with collage and his references to the genre’s modernist traditions, such as those produced by Dada artists at the beginning of the 20th century. The artist has also created numerous theatrical installations involving odd combinations of found objects which he transforms into awkward, puppet-like figures. His recent sculptures and installations have included kinetic elements that are often choreographed with sound. These pieces become theater plays or small operas with uncanny objects as their main performers. Creating mysterious and, at times, sinister environments, the artist’s work responds dynamically to the architectural and cultural contexts in which it is produced. Published in collaboration with PAMM, Migros Museum, Nottingham Contemporary, Kunsteverein, and JRP Ringier


  • Plates:77
  • Pages:104


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