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I Want Therefore I Am, I Am Therefore I Want Puzzle

I Want Therefore I Am, I Am Therefore I Want Puzzle

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I Want Therefore I Am, I Am Therefore I Want is, like much of Kiev born Anastasiya Tarasenko's work, both highly skilled and righteously irreverent. Think Hieronymus Bosch meets R. Crumb meets MAD Magazine. Or think something else- totally up to you.

Either way, we love this painting. We love the way it speaks to how our desires and needs- our human/animal nature- can both enervate and consume us. We also think it's pretty funny, joyfully unafraid, and a thrill to look at (and put together!). 

Included in the puzzle is an interview with Anastasiya along with additional images of her most recent work.

About the Artist

Anastasiya Tarasenko (b. 1989, Kiev, Ukraine) explores themes surrounding consumerism, greed, politics, sex, and feminism. As in fables, Tarasenko incorporates animals to illustrate social and moral observations. With confrontational and uncomfortable imagery influenced by Baroque and Medieval art, Tarasenko’s paintings are social critiques on the impact of the hidden hypocrisies ubiquitous in our culture.

Anastasiya Tarasenko received a MFA from the New York Academy of Art, NY and a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Her work was recently exhibited at Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston; Kravets Wehby, NY; and Monya Rowe Gallery, NY. The artist lives and works in Queens, NY, and is represented by Monya Rowe Gallery.

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