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Michele Oka Doner x The Bridge Initiative Earth Day Poster

Michele Oka Doner x The Bridge Initiative Earth Day Poster

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The Bridge Initiative proudly announces its partnership with globally renowned artist Michele Oka Doner in anticipation of Earth Day. Inspired by the enduring legacy of artists like Robert Rauschenberg, whose iconic Earth Day poster continues to resonate, Oka Doner injects her distinctive aesthetic into a compelling poster aimed at sparking awareness and advocacy for environmental causes in the spirit of Earth Day 2024: Planet vs. Plastics.
This project has been made possible through the generous support of the Archbold Biological Station, Marlborough Gallery, and Tra Publishing, underscoring a collective commitment to safeguarding our planet's well-being.
The collaboration between The Bridge Initiative and Michele Oka Doner symbolizes the fusion of artistic brilliance and environmental advocacy, showcasing the profound power of art to inspire positive change. As Earth Day approaches, this partnership serves as a poignant reminder of our collective responsibility to protect our planet for future generations.

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Size: 32” W x 24” H
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