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Reef Bracelet

Reef Bracelet

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The marine world is the inspiration of this collection which, thanks to the generative design, represents and recreates a pattern inspired by corals. Designed by Emanuele Canova.


  • Do not twist or pull with force when opening bracelets and necklaces.
  • Do not bend or place heavy objects on top of the jewelry.
  • Keep in a safe place. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Long exposure to direct sunlight can cause the color to fade. The leather parts must be protected from rain and prolonged direct sunlight.
  • Nylon and PEBA parts can be washed gently with soap and water and left to dry in a shaded and safe place. Do not rub hard while washing to avoid removing the color. Items cannot be repaired.
  • Nylon
  • Hand dyed
  • 60 x 80 mm
  • One size
  • 14 gr
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