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SEEING DIFFERENTLY: Miami Color Theory by Laura Paresky Gould

SEEING DIFFERENTLY: Miami Color Theory by Laura Paresky Gould

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In SEEING DIFFERENTLY: Miami Color Theory, graphic designer, photographer, and artist Laura Paresky Gould depicts the vibrant beauty of Miami while teaching engaging lessons about seeing and art. Photography can be meditation with your eyes open. 

This multi-hued catalog of shapes, shadows, and architectural gems of Miami showcases more than 110 images, includes insightful quotes from famous photographers, and a foreword by Silvia Cubina, executive director of The Bass.

SEEING DIFFERENTLY is inspired by the three-part video series on digital photography Paresky Gould created for The Bass Museum in Miami Beach, and a compilation of her sophisticated smartphone images posted on her Instagram account, @miamicolortheory, where she explores the art of Minimal Photography, the Seven Elements of Art, Five Composition Techniques, and The Practice of Seeing. @miamicolortheory was awarded “Best Instagram” by the Miami New Times. Paresky Gould’s @miamicolortheory photos were featured on Apple’s Instagram on two separate occasions. 


  • 172 Pages 
  • 9 x 0.8 x 11.25
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