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Wearable Art Bangles by Angela Bolaños

Wearable Art Bangles by Angela Bolaños

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This wood round dome-style bracelet is made of cherry wood with an inner diameter of 2 ¼ inches. The hand-painted abstract design using high-quality gouache is protected by a layer of UV resin. This wearable artwork is signed by the artist

Please note that these are handmade, therefore, will be slightly different from the image.

About the Artist

Angela Bolaños is a Honduran-born, Miami-based visual artist. She explores representation and abstraction to encapsulate memories and storytelling in a visual format.

Through an intuitive process, dynamic color compositions, and the use of alternative materials for mark-making, Angela’s work is inspired by imagination, daily recollections, concepts of time, and physical and cultural environments. Her work focuses on color, pattern, and texture. Angela aims to harness the energy of nature, the sky, and everyday life in her designs and artwork.

Her use of embroidery techniques reference childhood memories, ancestral connections, and cultural expressions.

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