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Telematic Media Arts



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An art catalog, documenting Carla Gannis' on-going wwwunderkammer project, in the first three years of its development, with contributions by Charlotte Kent, Leah Roh, Regina Harsanyi, and Regine Gilbert. 

In her wwwunderkammer project, New York artist Carla Gannis appeals to the 16th-Century cabinet of curiosities to mine the uncanny complication between the virtual and the actual, nature and artifice, science and science-fiction in contemporary digital culture and society.  Her work highlights these complications as evidence of an underdetermination in their being, ripe with potential for creative intervention. Indeed, she sees them—in a cyborg-eco-feminist vein—as fonts of new hybrid forms of life, complicating the boundaries between the human, the natural, and the technological. She conjures postmodern avatars of a radically pluralistic future, playing with the fluid multiplicity of identity amidst these manifold layers of being, and building virtual worlds based on de-colonizing, post-humanist, and feminist archives.


  • Paperback.
  • 9 x 11, 104 pages.
  • Edited with an essay in five parts by curator Clark Buckner
  • With additional writing by Bruce Sterling, Charlotte Kent, and Natasha Chuk.
  • Designed by Roxy Zeiher
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