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Yoga While You Wait

Yoga While You Wait

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Waiting is a gift. Be glad when you’re stuck in traffic or put on hold. Be grateful when the waiting room is full. Give thanks to the date that never shows up on time. Why? Because now you can turn mindless waiting into moments of mindfulness with stretches and poses to build up your strength, poise, and flexibility.

ardha chandrasana at the traffic lights to simhasana in a traffic jam, this book introduces you to yoga—in real-life situations. Judith Stoletzky aligns helpful tips and humorous advice with precise instructions. You don’t need a yoga studio, fancy yoga pants, or even a yoga mat to practice yoga. All you need is normal, everyday life and a little bad timing. After a while, you’ll develop an amazing attitude both inside and out!

Paired with Markus Abele’s photography, these 30+ yoga poses will give you something to do with all that extra time spent waiting around. 
Yoga While You Wait has the ideal pose for every pointless pause—from beginner to experienced and for every body and level of flexibility. You might even find yourself looking forward to the wait!


  • 96 Pages 
  • 6 x 0.6 x 8.25 Inches
  • Hardcover
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